Our house

For eight generations we have been making our customers feel comfortable, and the continued return visits of our loyal, regular customers from around the world prove that our traditional home has lost none of its appeal. With pride, we reflect on the successful path we have pursued to provide a welcoming stay. Our hotel lies directly on the historic trade road known as the Iron Road (Eisenstraße). The hotel was originally a farm with an inn, and over the course of time has been expanded with more guest rooms, which have been lovingly and carefully remodeled to reach our present modern style.

Make your family a part of ours.

We hope we may soon have the pleasure of welcoming you.


Reserve your room now by telephone or send us an e-mail. Also special arrangements for groups are available.

In the course of time

The Golden Griffen Hotel in the year 1910.
The Golden Griffen Hotel in the year 1910.
The Goldener Greif Hotel in 2010.
Enduring modernizations until now.